第1期 - 第23話 - 華開く個の競演

  • 脚本:ヤスカワショウゴ
  • コンテ:安藤 良
  • 演出:安藤 良
  • 作画監督:山崎正和/谷川亮介/都築裕佳子/小林典昭/奥野浩行/永山 恵

1st - Episode23 - The Competition of the Blossoming Individuals

The battle continues in the Autumn Elections preliminaries. From Group B, Alice, Hisako, Takumi and Megumi all make it through. Meanwhile, in Group A, Sendawara Natsume keeps giving contestants 0's and no one has scored a high overall score. Next, Alice's aide, Kurokiba Ryo is up. The mysterious chef finally reveals his true colors!

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