第1期 - 第18話 - 青春の唐揚げ

  • 脚本:ヤスカワショウゴ
  • コンテ:高田耕一
  • 演出:奥野浩行
  • 作画監督:小都築裕佳子/谷川亮介/八重樫洋平

1st - Episode18 - The Karaage of Youth

Home to Diner Yukihira, Sumire Avenue Shopping District is on its last legs after the karaage specialty store, Mozuya, has taken all their customers. Soma recruits Kurase and Nikumi to help devise a plan to recoup customers: the Walk-n-Eat Karaage. The summer karaage campaign is about to begin!

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