第1期 - 第12話 - ひと皿の記憶

  • 脚本:ヤスカワショウゴ
  • コンテ:山崎 隆
  • 演出:奥野浩行
  • 作画監督:福永智子/柴田志朗/河野眞也/都築裕佳子/橋口隼人

1st - Episode12 - The Memory of a Dish

The unofficial Shokugeki between Shinomiya and the Megumi-Soma pair has begun. With expulsion on the line, the judging is underway. Megumi's first dish as the main chef is her own take on the nine-vegetable terrine Shinomiya assigned--the Rainbow Terrine, made from seven types of vegetables!

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