第1期 - 第11話 - 東から来た魔術師

  • 脚本:ヤスカワショウゴ
  • コンテ:安藤 良
  • 演出:安藤 良
  • 作画監督:小野和美/都築裕佳子/谷川亮介

1st - Episode11 - The Magician from the East

Soma recklessly challenges Shinomiya to a Shokugeki in order to have him retract his decision to expel Megumi. Shinomiya refuses, but Dojima half forces him to accept. However, Dojima also imposes a condition on Soma and Megumi--Megumi must be the main chef! If they lose, Soma will also be expelled. The unofficial Shokougeki is about to begin!

第11話 WEB限定 次回予告